SINO SPAIN ASSET MANAGEMENT is committed to achieving excellence in every aspect of its business and approach every challenge with determination to succeed while setting ever-higher standards.

Our relationship with high-level decision makers and institutions, allows our Spanish partners to efficiently be involved in the world’s largest fast growing economy by introducing the best and most relevant potential partners in China and Hong Kong in all fields.

We encourage alliances between individuals and departments to keep the platform functioning well as a whole. In addition, we promote equity exchange activities while structuring and advising on transactions and investments such that the interests of SINO SPAIN and our clients are aligned.

Our aim is to protect all the equities in accordance with the applicable state law, the trading regulations and supervisions for equities, and promote the circulation of assets and equities in an orderly manner.

Since we believe in a close relationship and a long-term cooperation, we are committed to working together and achieve common organizational goals and results for all our members.

We are connected (deep relationships with key decision executives), integrated (combined investing and advising model enhances both platforms) and local (national reach in key growth cities).

SINO SPAIN ASSET MANAGEMENT provides the following regional practice areas:

  • – Access to Capital;
  • – Negociation & Due Diligences;
  • – Joint Ventures and M&A Planning;
  • – Financing, Investments & Concessions;
  • – Private Equity, Pre IPO and Private Placements;
  • – Government Financing;
  • – State-owned Equity Transactions;
  • – Stock & Asset Management;
  • – Institutional Relations;
  • – Logistics Management;
  • – Translation Services;

SINO SPAIN incorporates a range of inter-related business units that operate in a coordinated manner and offers a sectoral analysis / research on demand.