Art, Media & Entertaintment Sinospain

Art is indeed a parallel economy, and it is no secret that the right acquisitions made at the right time can turn out to be fantastic investments.

More than ever, confident decision making about art investment demands easy and efficient access to dependable resources and trustworthy relationships.

The media and entertainment industry captures a wide variety of companies that serve to provide products and services that keep the everyday consumer engaged. There are a number of segments within the industry, each of which provides a different form of entertainment to consumers around the world. These segments include traditional print media, television, radio broadcasting, film entertainment, video games, advertising and perhaps most importantly, the manufacturers of the technology that the above segments rely on.

SINO SPAIN Art, Media & Entertainment platform provides independent consulting, education, networking, and proprietary research on managing art wealth to institutional and private clients, both familiar and new to the art market, taking into account their investment requirements and aesthetic needs. In addition, we are also focused on the digital, media & entertainment and sports & lifestyle sectors.

We advice our members, individuals or public/private companies, about the possibilities and benefits of investing in art and offer guidance on the technical aspects surrounding the accounting of purchasing art that will give them the best yield in both aesthetic and financial terms.

We offer them access to the best works on the market and give them the necessary guidance throughout the entire process. Providing objective knowledge on art financing, art governance, art investment vehicles, and succession planning for art assets is our number one priority.

Our platform builds bridges of connection and community between art investors, family offices, collecting families and the professional advisors and art leading authorities on best practices in art due-diligence.
SINO SPAIN caters for members making a one off purchase, to build a collection, or to create an eclectic mix of art for decorative purposes. Based on member`s preferences, SINO SPAIN‘s research will offer the widest choice of artworks for buyers to choose from.

We aim to maximise owner returns by combining a long term view of art whilst minimising transaction costs and those associated with jurisdiction and transport. Buying also takes account of legal factors affecting what is mostly an unregulated market. Together, these measures simplify the trade process and avoid extra costs.

SINO SPAIN Art, Media & Entertainment platform has established links with art dealers, auction houses, collectors, artists and art schools bringing deep industry expertise and strategic guidance to its portfolio companies through its network in Spain, China and Hong Kong.

We step in and provide our members with assistance throughout the entire process, finding that right piece of great art and getting it sold again when they want something new or different.

SINO SPAIN platform also assists leading private equity members focused on large-scale investments in media, entertainment and technology businesses.

We partner with management experts to enhance business growth and profitability through a combination of strategic capital and operational insight.

Our members look to invest in art, media & entertainment innovative companies capitalizing on technology disruption that are positioned for rapid growth and market leadership. Their funds include some of the leading families and companies associated with the media industry locally, as well as key sovereign partners.

SINO SPAIN aims to serve as trusted advisors to management, helping its members take advantage of technology industry shifts, scale their businesses, recruit top talent, and pursue new growth initiatives. Our mission is to help new media and technology companies capitalize on technology disruption and build large-scale, highly valuable businesses.

We believe art, media & entertainment sectors of focus will enjoy significant top-line growth from globalization and secular technology shifts and that our members are uniquely positioned to invest into these trends.