Commodities Mining-Assets SinoSpain

Commodity & Mining Assets markets are excellent means of portfolio diversification.
SINO SPAIN Commodities & Mining Assets platform provides independent research, analysis and advisory services related to commodities & mining assets and financial management of oriented investments in the fields of strategy, commercial transactions and business development.

Our platform can assist in the growth of a leading commodity player or the build of a new business both inside of Spain, China and Hong Kong. We understand the mechanics of hedging and speculating and work to maximize the returns of our members.

Focused on precious, industrial and specialty metals, we provide a full spectrum of services to the mining industry along the value curve – Junior explorers, metals distributors and major mining companies – such as resource evaluation, investment analysis, mine production optimisation and technical and commercial analyses.

Our platform assists members in the research and analysis in gold, silver, platinum group metals and also in molybdenum, vanadium, chromium, manganese, tungsten, cobalt, indium, and other specialty metals.
SINO SPAIN partners have many years experience in futures and options that can help our members reach their long-term goals, or simply execute one-time trades. These members operate across the entire value chain and work with some of the leading trading houses, investment banks and utilities.

With the current demand rise, SINO SPAIN Commodity & Mining Assets platform is positioned favorably by its extensive access to knowledge of emerging markets and its operational optimization capabilities to provide flexible solutions.