Environment SinoSpain

SINO SPAIN Environment platform assists its members to identify, create and deliver exceptional business improvements, ventures and deals in socially responsible, environmental and ethical investment.

We offer a wide range of services to individuals, social enterprises, charities and private business:

  • – Matching their investments with their ethical and environmental values.
  • – Helping our members make sure that their money isn’t harming or polluting the environment and society, and advice them to invest in renewable energy, recycling and waste management technologies to make a competitive return.

Some members prefer to invest in companies which have a positive environmental impact such as companies which are involved in renewable energy, recycling, waste management and energy efficiency. They avoid companies which are involved in mining, coal seam gas, nuclear technologies and chemicals.

SINO SPAIN Environment platform provides advice on investments which not only suit financial goals, but also ethical values. We also let our members know about new investment opportunities which suit their ethical values.

We specialise in providing environmental and socially responsible expertise and advise that define Environmental Due Diligences for the investment projects located in Spain, China and Hong Kong.