Luxury & Fashion Sinospain

Luxuy and Fashion industries are experiencing a time of social and technological revolution. There’s a brand new dance in venture capital, as investors have gone luxury and fashion-mad.

Business ventures in the retail industry are increasingly taking advantage of the massive boom in e-commerce and sustained public demand for luxury and great clothes.

SINO SPAIN Luxury and Fashion platform assists members, individuals or companies, aimed at investing in luxury and fashion start-ups, famous brands and innovative high-end designers throughout Spain, China and Hong Kong by advising them in strategy, business development, marketing or finance and giving them access to its own business-development network to enable businesses to accelerate and succeed.

Our platform also supports private investors with the management of their private assets and coordinates services to help ensure quicker turnaround times and better outcomes. We offer high-profile companies and individuals alike, including royalty and ambassadors, some of the most prestigious and luxurious locations in Spain, China and Hong Kong.

Some of our platform elite services:

  • – Market research and access to a wide range of business from small start-up businesses to established companies, from seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable mature businesses
  • – Screen businesses and prepare them to be «investment ready» before submitting proposals to our members
  • – Ensure the businesses have a full and realistic business plan, aligned financial forecasts and show a realistic ROI. Expert reports.
  • – If there is a proposal that interests one of our platform investors we will then set up the initial meetings between them and the business concerned
  • – Commercial and private real estate transactions
  • – Support the acquisition or sale of luxury & fashion assets yachts, airplanes, helicopters, classic cars, horses, art and other valuables.
  • – Negociating or refinancing (airplanes, yachts, fashion companies…) and review existing agreements / contracts.
  • – Organization of storage facilities for art objects, cars & wines.

Working at the highest level, we also have experience in working for family offices and venture capitalists looking to invest in companies of all sizes and emerging labels to turn them into high-powered brands.

These investors have a passion for their industries and see the importance of making a commitment to putting something back into the sector or recognize the value of their brand being seen to be supporting the industry.

Our multi-talented advisors help platform members to make strategic decisions with objective advice. We understand the biggest challenges our members face the long-term investment horizon, the immobility of assets and the complexity of construction. They are specialized in the following assets:

  • – Superyachts
  • – Aircraft
  • – Private Residential
  • – Real estate
  • – Private Islands
  • – Fashion
  • – Wine
  • – Art Collections
  • – Luxury Hotels
  • – Restaurants
  • – Private Clubs

Our platform also supports and nurtures emerging fashion design talent. We identify and select designers from Spain, China and Hong Kong to fulfil consultancy and negotiate licensing and sponsorship deals on behalf of them.

SINO SPAIN Luxury and Fashion platform provides bespoke, discreet, reliable and personal solutions to our members alike with strong values and guidelines in place.