Sports Copyright & Sponsorship Sinospain

An instrument much used in the financial market is increasingly making the headlines of the daily sports: investment funds. This is characterized by being in its traditional concept, a community of investors that, based on common status, focus their resources on certain assets that can assure an appropriate return.

The arrival of football to the financial market is bringing new concepts to it such as «economic rights», «federative rights», «sports bonds,» among others.

Spain has worked as an entry point into the sports due to the brilliance and quality of Spanish teams and players, especially in football (footballer’s contract rights).

SINO SPAIN Sports Copyright & Sponsorship platform represents private equity funds dedicated primarily, among other activities, to provide an alternative, significant and growing source of funding for football clubs and sports associations.

We offer the following services for vendors or buyers:

  • – Analysis and risk assessment of the prospective investment taking the specific requirements and characteristics of the sport in question
  • – Legal due diligence
  • – Drafting of agreements
  • – Legal supervision of the acquisition / sales process

SINO SPAIN’s large investment capacity platform allows the privilege of working with the biggest and richest clubs in Spain, China and Hong Kong.

We assist our members to target their investment into selected national sport leagues, national recreation organisations and regional sports trusts. To this end, we collaborate with the respective federations, local authorities and market regulators.

In some cases our partnership means we also provide expertise that will improve the quality of the services delivered by those organisations.

With the growth of the national economy and the capital market, and the strengthening of the football clubs, i.e., it is believed that certain financial instruments may be used for capitalizing sports clubs and to enable the investor an adequate option for financial investment.