Tourism Sinospain

As one of the world’s largest industries, tourism has grown rapidly and continuously for more than half a century and has become a significant source of global employment and economic output.

Tourism is the top export earner in 60 countries and the primary source of foreign exchange earnings for one third of developing countries and one half of least developed countries.

International development agencies and developing countries have recognized the numerous positive impacts of tourism and actively pursue tourism development
to promote economic growth and development assistance objectives.

In addition, the removal of barriers to travel, including the easing of entry requirements and the adoption of open skies policies (for new airline routes, code sharing agreements, etc.) are also increasing travel supply and demand.

SINO SPAIN Tourism platform has been created to assist networks of angel investors, professional venture capitalists and foundations that promote impact investment by sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources, and to provide funding for projects.

Our practice areas in this platform are as follows:

  • – Identify and secure sources of funding for the project design and promotion process
  • – Prepare, as required, site plan, architectural plan, renderings
  • – Identify potential sources of debt and equity financing
  • – Prepare an investment
  • – Prospectus explaining the objectives, risks, strategies and past performances
  • – Define a legal structure (e.g., corporate structure)
  • – Prepare loan applications
  • – Recruit investors

Once a project is viable and the investment climate understood, a clear investment road map, can be presented to potential investors. There are a variety of sources, vehicles and types of investment available.

Private capital has an important role to play in helping solve development challenges, especially when development budgets are under pressure. The investor needs a complete and easily understood picture of rules, regulations, and requirements governing investment.

With this call, SINO SPAIN Tourism platform seeks to catalyze the field’s growth, by encouraging innovation, mitigating risks and committing capital to attract more private investment.

We conduct research and provide information and contacts, including a searchable database of community investment specialists from China, Hong Kong and Spain.

Our members are able to:

  • – Identify key stakeholders and decision makers
  • – Assess site and community needs
  • – Assess environmental impact
  • – Assess infrastructure and access

The most common tourism players are:

  • – Product: Inbound Operators, Hotels, Airlines and attractions
  • – Wholesale: Tour operators
  • – Retail: Internet and Travel Agents
  • – Consumer: Travelers (holidays or business)

Each unique project demands its own requirements, resources and risks driving the type of investment best suited for the opportunity. There are elements of this process that will likely require the assistance of our experts and third-party professionals where commercial sources of debt and equity financing are required.

Global, regional, national, and local tourism and investment trends, all influence the viability of every proposed project. Understanding these trends is the first step in identifying investment opportunities, quantifying market potential, determining capital requirements, and assessing financial feasibility.

There is no doubt that the increasing number of tourists represents a great opportunity for investors seeking to implement new project developments in all related tourism sectors.