Venture Entrepreneurship Sinospain

Every city is a tech city, with its own unique personality. Cities need to build up their local tech skills and infrastructure, while forging deep links with other tech clusters across the world.
SINO SPAIN Venture Entrepreneurship platform aims to connect the startup ecosystem between Spain, Hong Kong and China.

We believe that we’re entering an era of unparalleled opportunity for creativity, disruption and connectedness. To us, the future seems wide open, and the impact innovators can have feels greater than ever.

Our goal is to make Spain a vital hub in the European startup scene for China and Hong Kong active investors and help create more startups with international impact and success, especially in Asia and Europe.

That’s why we have created a platform to inspire, connect and accelerate modern entrepreneurs with:

  • – Incubators
  • – Accelerators
  • – Angel Investors
  • – Seed & Venture Capital
  • – Sectoral Mentors or Experts
  • – Strategic Partners
  • – Co-woking spaces
  • – Elevator Pitches
  • – Business Training Programms
  • – Networking Groups or Social Events
  • – Regional Venture Fairs
  • – Universities, Colleges and Higher Education resources

Our platform provides synergistic innovation models that assist companies – from startups to multinational corporations – in de-risking their businesses quickly and cost effectively.

Our members are continuously looking for disruptive, scalable and innovative business models that create unique value for consumers or businesses.

SINO SPAIN Venture Entrepreneurship platform assists its institutional investors seeking for ambitious digital companies.

We assist to cover the whole value chain, from idea creation, design, development, marketing and operations, and cooperate with entrepreneurs that can benefit from our expertise, network and funding.

SINO SPAIN Venture Entrepreneurship platform aims to identify and secure a strong portfolio of public institutions and private members that:

  • – Add value to the digital entrepreneur and the wider ecosystem.
  • – Help promote digital businesses and tech clusters across Spain, China and Hong Kong.
  • – Our platform also assess, advises and refers smart founders and winning teams members who:
    • – Want to have a presence in the Spain, China and/or Hong Kong
    • – Invest in startups
    • – Want innovative ideas for their product pipeline
    • – Would like to get connected to the startup community
    • – Can offer digital entrepreneurs something that will accelerate their business
    • – Provide expertise and increased visibility to the tech community
    • – Can help accelerate growth of digital businesses at all stages of their development
    • – Want to build a co-marketing or co-branded partnership or joint ventures which can deliver value to digital businesses
    • – Access to Government and its support mechanisms