Sine & Spirits Sinospain

SINO SPAIN Wine & Spirits platform members provide strategic consulting and executive management services for companies and brands within the wine and spirits industry.

This platform has been set up to facilitate investors from Hong Kong and China to invest in Spanish wine industry, with the company promising that healthy profits can be made in a short space of time on wine purchased through them.

Our platform members also include new brands, existing brands wishing to increase sales, brand awareness and larger suppliers who want to enter Asia market, mainly China and Hong Kong, or looking to invigorate underperforming products. We work with partners to assess where they are and what they need.

Based on the needs assessment, we develop a custom service plan tailored to the business needs of our platform members, budget and goals. We are partners in the process providing executive management and professional project management.

We create value and strong, profitable businesses together with our members by planning according to their long-term goals. We pride ourselves on reaching the right demographics by giving advice on how to invest strategically in Spain, China or Hong Kong.

We can help our members to:

  • – Establishing pre/post production, along with production
  • – Analyzing their target list
  • – Building their Brand
  • – Understanding compliances, government warnings, state laws, rules and regulations
  • – Finding import solutions
  • – Developing adapted distributor’s programs for on and off premises
  • – Appraising their investment in the short and long term

We have created a professional platform/network, which includes beverage, wineries, food and beverage directors, wine directors, sommeliers, and chef owners that assists to identify the needs of the market. We draw on our experience and contacts to ensure that our members succeed.